Do you wear hair extensions? Are you thinking of getting human hair extensions? If so, you have made a good choice!

I love hair extensions and have had them for years…actually I hate my hair without my extensions in, and I feel like it’s thin and boring. I am an Australian and I have made this human hair extension blog to pass on my first hand knowledge about getting hair extensions.

I know you read all of these shock stories about girls getting hair extensions and they end up with bleeding scalps and bald.
I am not saying this doesn’t happen, however if you are sensible about it, and do your research, you should have no problems with your new hair extensions. I have learned a thing or two about getting hair extensions over the years, and I will share that knowledge here on my blog! So welcome!

Hair extensions can give you length and thickness in your hair (Medium)

What You Can Expect

This website is full of tips and tricks and advice for anybody who is considering hair extensions based on my personal experiences with hairdressers and hair extensions. See me before my hair extensions here. I get my hair extensions in Newcastle, Central Coast and Sydney Australia, although my advice and tips/tricks can apply to you no matter where you live in the world, it’s just that the salons and hairdressers I recommend will be local to my area.

You will find my tips and tricks very handy if you are considering getting human hair extensions. This advice applies to keratin tip hair extensions as well as the tape hair extensions. There will also be a section on human hair weaves. I also intend to try the clip in extensions as some of the new types are quite good by the looks. Hair extensions have come a long way in the last decade and you will be surprised how good they can look when applied properly.

Why Get Hair Extensions?

When I have them in, people always comment on how great my hair looks and I feel great! The good thing about wearing extensions is that you can cut them, style them, straighten them and you never have to worry that it’s permanent or about damaging your own hair. Unless of course if they are installed by somebody who is inexperienced and/or does a bad job.

You can wear coloured ones and go a bit crazy with colour combinations because the sky is the limit and the risk of damaging your own hair is virtually zero. Go pastel, bright colours, block colours or whatever you feel like, because these little gems make anything possible.

This is not a sales site.

I do not personally sell hair extensions on this site, I am a customer just like you and the site focuses on my personal experiences with my own hair, and the hairdressers I deal with to have them installed and maintained! There are some third party adverts on this site, but I am not personally selling anything.

I think I am addicted to having them actually, with keratin bonded ones being my current favourite. I am open to trying all sorts of hair extensions, so if you would like me to try your brand, please contact me and let me know all about it. Thanks for stopping by.

This blog and website are updated regularly, so be sure to come back often to see what I have been up to and what crazy hairstyle I am currently wearing.