When a tape hair extension falls out or comes loose, it can be messy but you can remove it yourself, in an emergency by following these steps.

If a tape hair extension falls out, it’s going to come out at an inconvenient time. Like late on a Saturday night when hairdressers are not working. When tape extensions come out, they leave a long blob of sticky glue stuck to your hair. If you leave this clump of sticky glue overnight, you will have the worlds ugliest birds nest sticking off the side of your head. It’s best to try and remove the hair extension as soon as it comes loose.

One of mine came loose on Saturday night, and as no hairdresser was open. I had to take care of it myself. I rummaged through my bathroom cabinet to see what chemicals I had in there. The idea was to loosen the glue enough to pull the extension the rest of the way out.

Removing the glue before it causes a big knot in your hair is essential. If the hairdresser is closed, you have to take care of this yourself, quickly.

When it came loose, one side fell off leaving the other side of the glue tape exposed. Even after being in there only a few minutes, all the surrounding hair was already sticking to it. And becoming sticky when I tried to pull the hair away. So the glue is super sticky and spreads when it touches something. I knew this was going to be a huge problem.


removing tape extensions

What the Hell am I Going to Do?

I managed to come across some isopropyl alcohol in the house. I also grabbed some nail polish remover just in case the alcohol didn’t work. For the record, I would rather put isopropyl in my hair than nail polish remover. I held my head over the bathroom sink and squirted the isocol over the area that had the glue on it. Rubbed it for a few seconds, encouraging the glue to come loose. Then pulled gently on the extension that was still stuck to my hair. I ended up peeling the corner of the extension up. Pulling it gently along the hair shaft and it became unstuck and came out. I was left with a rectangle of glue still stuck to my hair.

I squirted some more isocol (isopropyl alcohol) into the area and rubbed it a bit longer. That glue finally came loose after about 20 seconds. After this I rinsed for about 40 seconds and then used a bit of hand soap to wash the strands of hair that had the isocol on them. I figured that hair shampoo might not get the chemical out and hand soap usually dissolves a lot of dirt and so I used this.
Obviously taking out your own hair extensions is not advised by me or anybody. But this was an emergency situation. Although I am not saying you should try this at home. I am pointing out that it worked for me in an emergency situation and was much better than a sticky, horrible birds nest in my hair. If you have any comments or questions, please comment below. Thanks for reading my hair extension blog.

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