What are the different types of hair extensions?
What’s the difference between tape extensions, bonded extensions or clip in’s?


If you are thinking of getting some human hair extensions then it pays to know

the different types that are around. It’s good to know a little bit about each type of hair extensions

so that you can have a good conversation with your stylist about which type are best for you and your hair.

Below is some information on each type of hair extensions available in Australia.

Clip in Hair Extensions.

Clip in hair extensions are ideal if you only need them in for a day or two. Perhaps a formal, or other occasion where you need killer hair for a short time only. Putting these in and taking them out only takes a few minutes for the experienced user. It might take a few times to get the routine down, but once you know exactly where to clip them underneath your own hair you will be able to transform your hair in minutes. The clip in type hair extensions are usually cheaper in price and come in many pre coloured choices. It’s probably not ideal to dye them but if they are real hair, you should be able to change the colour without them falling apart. Check with the manufacturer before you bleach or use permanent dyes on clip in hair extensions.

Bonded hair extensions

The bonded hair extensions are small bunches of hair strands that are bonded together with an adhesive that is safe to apply to your hair. These adhesives are usually made from keratin. Some adhesives are also made from plant derived products, while others are petroleum based glues. It is important to know what the bonds are made of before you allow them to be applied to your hair. Some adhesives are harmful and can cause your hair to break. Bonded hair extensions are very discreet once applied as the bond is small and usually very close to your natural hair colour. The bond is applied to a small amount of hair and a machine is used to ‘melt’ the adhesive, keeping it in place. There are many of these applied close to the scalp. A full head of bonded hair extensions is usually around 100 pieces. The bonded hair extensions can last you up to 6 months if you treat them right.

Tape hair extensions

Tape hair extensions contain larger amounts of hair that are stuck onto an adhesive tape. They are flat and your own hair is sandwiched between two long pieces of hair tape. Tape hair extensions typically do not last much longer than 3 months. They don’t take very long to apply and are easy to care for. Each tape piece can vary in length, with the most popular being about 3-5cm long. Tape hair extensions are discreet as long as they are close to the scalp. Once they start to grow out, they can become more visible and poke out from your hair. Tape hair extensions hang nicely as they are rows of hair as opposed to the bunches of hair you get with the bonded or microbead type.

Hair Weaves

Hair weaves are great for thick hair. They are applied by a braid that is done along your scalp (resembling a cornrow) and the hair weft is then sewn onto the cornroll. These are effective if you are looking for very thick hair extensions as they wefts give you instant super volume. The weaves have been known to promote hair loss due to the fact that the braids are done too tight and the hair wefts may be too heavy for the hair to carry.

Microlink or Microbead Hair extensions

The microlink or microbead system of hair extensions is perhaps the most cost effective and most widely used. The hair is applied using a loop which is looped through your natural hair and a metal ball is clamped on to keep the hair in place. The hair can be reused and the balls require ‘moving up’ regularly. These balls sometimes slip down the hair shaft as they are not stuck on except with the clamped ball which can fail. Microlinks are easy to apply and they are easy to get and cheap to maintain. A full head of micro ball hair extensions is usually around 100 pcs. The metal balls can scratch and damage your hair so these would be the hardest on the hair shaft.

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