OK, so I have had my tape hair extensions removed and re-glued and re-applied in Newcastle NSW. I did it in two parts because I wanted to dye some of the extensions blue. So the procedure was firstly to go back to Christiane’s and have the tape hair extensions removed. This took about twenty minutes. I didn’t get a shampoo or anything else since I was coming back the next day to have them put back in again. Therefore, no point in paying for a wash and blow dry twice.

Removing Tape Hair Extensions

Having the tape hair extensions taken out was easy and pain free. But there was a bit of pulling and the chemical they use to remove it smells like nail polish remover. I got the hair extensions removed in the morning and I didn’t wash my hair until the evening,. So the removal chemical was in my hair all day and I have not had any adverse affects, such as drying out.

I gave my hair a really good wash that night and got rid of all the built up product or whatever was stuck in there under the tape hair extensions. And I  gave my scalp a very good massage!

Putting in back Hair Extensions

When I came back the next day I had already dyed the previously silver extensions blue and they were able to put them back in easily. I used the same hair, they simply put new glue on them. The hair was good enough quality that they didn’t fall apart like some of the cheaper hair extensions do. They also did a trim on the ends. And gave my whole hair a trim to cut the extensions in to make sure they look natural.

You can see by the photos that the blue looks awesome! My next blog post will be a step by step guide to dying your human tape hair extensions at home to get the colour I did.