Getting Ready for Hair Extensions
Simple steps to ensure your hair extensions stay in.

I am going to show you the best ways to get your hair ready for hair extensions.

Not all of these things are recommended by your hairdresser, it is simply advice from

my years of experience having hair extensions.


Sometimes hairdressers can be a little vague with preparation and some say

none is necessary, however i believe that the healthier and stronger your hair is,

the better chance you can carry the weight of the human hair extensions without

putting excess stress on your hair follicles.

Steps to Follow prior to getting Hair Extensions

Here are my tips for the weeks leading up to getting hair extensions,

to make sure you hair is ready for the stress and weight of the hair extensions.

Get the colour right.

Firstly make sure your natural hair is the colour you would like it to be. You can dye your Remy human hair extensions, but it’s always best to begin with the colour you want so you don’t put any unnecessary stress on your hair or the extensions after they are put in with unnecessary colouring etc.

I wouldn’t put hair extensions into freshly (home) bleached hair, especially if it’s unhealthy bleached hair and your hair is already falling out and breaking off. You are asking for trouble here and the added weight of the hair extensions will pull on the hair, making it break.

Your new hair extensions can be colour matched to your existing hair colour so colouring to the exact shade you want beforehand makes sense.

Ensure Your Hair is Healthy.

Brittle and damaged hair may or may not still hold the weight of extensions, but it’s going to put more stress on the hair. I’m not saying your hair has to be in perfect condition, but it helps to give it a treatment every week for a few weeks to try and get it a bit healthier.

Eat some nuts and brush it daily to help it become stronger.

Have a Good Haircut

If you have dead ends, or split ends then get them cut off.

You will have hair extensions and you won’t be able to see how short your natural hair is so you might as well take this opportunity to get in there and give it a good cut. Your hair will feel much better and it will look better once the hair extensions go in.

Once the hair extensions are in your hair, they are going to be there for 3-5 months, so your hair will not get it’s regular trim during this time. Giving your hair a good haircut and style before the hair extensions are applied means that when you take the extensions out, your hair should still be in decent condition.

Always get your hair cut in between hair extension applications. This keeps your own hair in tip top condition and stimulates growth. See my guide to starting from scratch here.

Dandruff or Itchy Scalp


If you have dandruff or other scalp conditions,

 Remy hair extensions can exacerbate this so it’s always

a good idea to get these conditions under control prior

to having your hair extensions applied.


Extensions can sit close to the scalp and if you are unable

to shampoo your hair properly, or rinse all of the shampoo

or other product out of your hair, in some cases a

bit of a crust can form.


I recommend a shower head that you can hold in your hand

turned onto the massage function for blasting water in behind

the hair extensions to make sure you get all the shampoo out.

It would be a waste to get them then have to

 get them out because you didn’t take care of them.

Prepare a Few Days Early

For the few days before your hair extension appointment,

try not to put any heavy conditioners or treatments in your hair.

If the hair is slippery some hair extensions can slip down and fall off.


On the morning of your appointment, if you have had no other instruction from

your hairdresser, then I suggest you don’t wash or condition your hair.

Using Products

For a few days leading up to your appointment don’t put

any products in your hair, not even hairspray or heat styling

products. Don’t bother about styling your hair too much that

day as the hairdresser will likely shampoo your hair prior to

putting in the hair extensions. Although, that said,

some don’t which is puzzling.


I suggest you wash your hair the day before and only put the

minimum amount of conditioner in it just to be on the safe side.

About The Author

I use a lot of quality products on my hair and have tried many brands.
This is a review of the products I have personally tried on my hair extensions.