I always visit my hairdresser for a good trim before I have hair extensions put back in.

When I get hair extensions, it is like a project and there are many steps I take before I get the final result. The reason it takes a bit longer is because I do some of the stuff myself, namely colour, simply because I need to save money wherever I can.
My hair is naturally thin and the current colour is very close to my natural colour, maybe a little bit darker. My hair is reasonably healthy and I have always used good hair conditioners and kept it trimmed, so the overall condition of my hair is quite good, except for the ends which are quite split.

I had about one inch off the ends of my hair at Abyss hairdressers at Mayfield to make sure to get rid of all the split ends. I am hoping this will give my hair a good head start for the months between trims during next lot of extensions. My regular stylist there always does a good cut and the prices are reasonable.

I have been going to Abyss hairdressers for years and am a satisfied customer. Actually, they used to do hair extensions but stopped doing them a few years ago. I used to get my extensions done here and they were amazing. Top quality hair and you could reuse the hair up to 3 times. It was good value for money and its such a shame they don’t do it anymore.

You can see the top photo is the before photo (how I looked when I walked in) and the bottom is my hair after a wash, style cut and blow dry. She also straightened my hair with a hair straightener which gives it a nice shine.

Next step is a consilttation with the hairdresser who is going to put in my new extensions. I rang around and spoke to many different people about the salons they recommend for getting hair extensions put in. I live in Newcastle, NSW and I visit salons in Newcastle, Central Coast and Sydney. I have also used mobile salons in the past too.

This time, I have decided to go with a full head of tape extensions from Kristiannes salon at Market Town in Newcastle city. I have been speaking with the staff there and have been to the salon for a consultation with the stylist. I am convinced their product is high quality hair and they have the skills to do my hair for me.

The price for a full head of tape hair extensions is $320. This is a good price as some salons in the area charge up to $600 for this. I am going to pay extra money for them to dye the hair extensions for me as they will not guarantee the extensions if I do my own colour. This will be an extra $70. I choose this option because I don’t want to void my warranty. I can always recolour them later at home.

See here for some tips and tricks for getting your hair ready to put hair extensions into.