I have changed my hair colour again and thought I would let you all know about new colour update! As I grew tired of the silver ends and fringe, I decided to cover it up with PURPLE semi permanent hair dye.  I made the purple from some blue we had here and some red that was left from my red phase. Mixed them together and had the most electric looking purple! Once it set on my hair (I left it in for 2 hours and covered my hair with plastic cling wrap) and washed it off, it became a stunning shade of metallic looking mauve. I am so happy with it.

Mixing own Hair Colours

I have always loved mixing my own hair colours because I find the pre-made colours are very boring and usually lack that something different that I love so much!

Now please don’t panic when you see the photos below. You can see my own hair looks quite seperate to the hair extensions that give me my length. Firstly, I did not straighten my hair after blow drying and I have posed the ends so you can see the colour. Keep in mind these photos are not illustrating my hairstyle, but rather so you can see the colour the baylage or ends.This lovely mauve purple is metallic in the daylight because it has the silver underneath it. it’s a unique colour and looks great with the black of the rest of my hair. I also have purple in my fringe but it is much darker and not really noticeable in the photos.

It’s nearly time to get my tape hair extensions moved up again as they have grown out. It has been about 6 or 7 weeks since I had them installed. I will keep you all updated.
Thanks so much for reading my hair blog. I appreciate all the comments and your opinions on the products and services I describe here. Hope you have a great week!