As you all know, this is my first time having tape hair extensions, so I thought it would be interesting to do an update on how they are going so far and what you can expect day-to-day wearing them. I had a full head of tape hair extensions installed in black and silver about a month ago. I found the tapes quite easy to live with and liked the way they sit flat against my head, as opposed to the keratin bonds which are rounder and you can notice them a bit more.
After a few days and washing/ blow drying them, I noticed that the tape hair extensions began to reshape themselves against my head. So instead of being a one inch rigid piece of tape, they reshaped to fit in with the contours of my skull, thus sitting undetected under my natural hair. I was very impressed with this because I was a little bit concerned that they may stick out due to their size.

I have attached a photo which was taken 3 weeks after I had the tape extensions put in. You can see how the sit flat against my head in the image on the left. I have pulled the top of my hair to one side, so you can see what it looks like underneath. Once the top of my hair is sitting normally, you can’t see the tapes, as long as they sit down.

I rarely wear my hair up, and my extensions were placed with this in mind. When I pull my hair back you can see the tapes quite clearly. I usually simply put a scarf or loose headband around my head if I am wearing my hair up and this covers the tapes easily. It’s also great for those days when I don’t feel like styling my hair with a GHD or curler, I simply cover it up with a fabric headband. So easy.

Any Hair Extension Technician who is knowledgeable, should ask you (prior to putting in the extensions) how you usually wear your hair. If you wear your hair up a lot, or pulled back with clips, they will have to arrange the hair extensions accordingly. If the extensions are not set up to suit your most popular hairstyles, you may end up with ugly tapes or bonds poking out of your hairstyles. It is possible for a skilled hair stylist or extension technician to place them in inconspicuous places to ensure you look your best at all times.

My hair grows very quickly, and I have noticed that now there is nearly 2 cm between the tape and the hair follicle, the tapes are starting to stick out a little bit. This is more apparent when I plait (braid) it before bed, as the bottom tapes stick out and bend to reach the plait. You can see in the photo on the right, my tapes were placed to suit me wearing my hair down straight on the sides, and so when I pull it back you can see the tapes as they are placed horizontally and close to the front of my head.

Also since I have had these tape human hair extensions, I found the length became a bit uncomfortable and so difficult to maintain. It kept knotting up and I ended up having to wear a plait or braid much of the time. Fed up with this, I cut 5 inches off the ends and now these extensions are so easy to manage and style. I am sure a hairdresser would have done a much neater job than I have, however, it really doesn’t show up too much and it’s only if you look closely you will notice the ends are not perfect.
If you have any experience with the tape human hair extensions I would love to hear from you.