One of the questions I get asked the most is how do you brush and care for your hair when you have hair extensions?

The short answer is: just the same as you do without hair extensions. Your stylist will give you a special brush when you get your hair extensions installed. You must use this brush at least twice a day until you have your hair extensions removed. At least once every couple of days I give my hair a good brush. This makes sure no knots form at the adhesive bond where the hair extension is attached to my own hair.

How to Brush when you have Tape Hair Extensions

I usually separate my hair into two parts by making a line from ear to ear. To do this I use my hands, as combs can get caught in hair extensions. I brush the bottom half of my hair really well from the scalp right down to the ends of the hair. This prevents any dreadlock or knots from forming where the extensions connect to my own hair. Once I have brushed the bottom half (usually takes about 3 minutes) I then let the top down and do the same to it. So easy.

The brush that was recommended to me for my latest human hair tape extensions, is the one in the photo . The pink brush. I was a bit dubious about this brush when I first saw it because it looked so weird and awkward. But now I love it and highly recommend it. It’s sort of like one of those tangle teezer brushes but slightly different.

I can highly recommend this brush and if you can find it at a hairdressing supply store. I recommend it for hair that doesn’t have hair extensions installed as well as hair that does. It’s a great brush and especially good for long hair, and kids hair. It gets rid of tangles easily and without pain much of the time. Don’t be put off by the fact that it looks like a dog brush.


brush hair extensions

Care for Tape Hair Extensions

My hair extensions always look fresh and healthy and I take great pride in my hair. It’s easy to take care of hair extensions, so don’t listen to people who say it’s difficult. Just to help you out, here are a few more tips for keeping yours looking good too.

  • If I am going to be doing any activities around the house such as cleaning or yard work I usually braid my hair. So that it doesn’t become knotted and dirty.
  • I only wash my hair once or twice a week. It doesn’t really get that dirty so there is no need to over wash your hair anyway.
  • To make sure it doesn’t get too messed up, I wear a braid to bed. I actually do it on one side of my head or in two plaits or braids. 
  • I blow dry and straighten it every time I wash it. Even if it’s late at night, I do it anyway just so it’s easier to control when it’s been styled.
  • I use the brush that my stylist recommended, every time. Your stylist knows what sort of brush works best with the type of extensions you have.

If you have paid to get hair extensions put in, it makes sense to take care of them so you always look your best. I can never understand people who get expensive hair extensions and don’t bother to take care of them. It’s always a good idea to brush your hair as much as possible. In fact, you can brush your hair many times a day without any problems.

If you have a comment or suggestion, I would love to see it below. Hope you enjoyed this blog post and until next time, see ya soon!