I have hair extensions taken out and started from scratch to give you a thorough and well documented account of what you will be going through when you get your own hair extensions.
The last lot of extensions I had were Keratin Bonded extensions from Langdon Hair at Charlestown, NSW. And I have had them out about two days. They didn’t last as long as the last ones from there. And the quality this time was not as good. To take the extensions out they just sprayed their solution which breaks the keratin bond down. Then they squash the bond with a pair of flat pliers and the hair extension falls out easily. This cost $75AUD and took 45 minutes. I chose not to have a shampoo in the salon to save money. Probably saved me $20 or $30 by going straight home to shampoo my own hair.

There were a few knots and small loose dreadlocks left when they took the keratin bonds out. But these were easily brushed out of my hair by the stylist. My hair looked normal after a good wash and dry at home. The first thing I noticed when they pulled the old extensions out is that my hair is in need of a good cut/style before new extensions go in. See the photo above left.

Point to remember : while taking out hair extensions

When you have extensions you cannot trim your hair. So it’s a bit dry on the ends usually after 3 months with no trimming. Make sure you get in and trim those ends or they will be worse in another 3 months time!

I always recommend visiting your hairdresser at least every 2 months when you don’t have hair extensions in. People often neglect their hair. But it is trimming and keeping your hair healthy that makes it grow strong and lustrous. The hairdresser can also trim all of those nasty split ends off. This makes styling your hair much easier as it helps with the knotting and frizzy ends. It’s worth the money but if you are short of cash you can visit your local hairdressing college and they usually do cheap haircuts.