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That Time I Got a Weave Hair Extensions in Newcastle NSW

I have been meaning to do this post for ages but you know life…so busy! So a few months ago, I decided to try the weave hair extensions. I liked a few things about the weave hair extensions, but the main thing I liked was the fact that there is no glue involved in attaching the hair extensions to my hair. The other thing I liked the idea of is that they are sewn flat into my hair, so there […]

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What To Do When A Hair Extension Tape Falls Out

When a tape hair extension comes loose, it can be messy but you can remove it yourself, in an emergency by following these steps. If a hair extension tape is going to come out, it’s going to come out at an inconvenient time. Like late on a Saturday night when hairdressers are not working. When tape extensions come out, they leave a long blob of sticky glue stuck to your hair. If you leave this clump of sticky glue overnight, […]

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Having Hair Extensions Taken Out After 4 Months

I have taken out all extensions and started from scratch to give you a thorough and well documented account of what you will be going through when you get your own hair extensions. The last lot of extensions I had were Keratin Bonded extensions from Langdon Hair at Charlestown, NSW, and I have had them out about two days. They didn’t last as long as the last ones from there, and the quality this time was not as good. To […]

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