Putting In The Remy Human Tape Hair Extensions

Today I had my 100% Remy human tape hair extensions installed at Christiane’s salon at Newcastle NSW. This blog post will let you know what to expect when you are getting tape hair extensions. When I arrived my hair was washed with a cleansing shampoo, dried and straightened. The tape extensions were installed and I was surprised at how easy and clean it was. No pulling on my hair like the keratin bonds and it took only around 45 minutes […]

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Getting Ready For A Huge Colour Change

Currently getting ready for a new colour change. I have decided on BLUE and will do my own blue hair dye mixture using different colours. I have to get my hair extensions moved up in the next week or so, and will apply the blue colour after that. As the blue hair dye is semi permanent, I will wait until the rest of my hair is fabulous before I change anything! I have purchased two types of blue from the […]

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New Colour Update!

I have changed my hair colour again and thought I would let you all know about it! I grew tired of the silver ends and fringe and decided to cover it up with PURPLE semi permanent hair dye. I made the purple from some blue we had here and some red that was left from my red phase. Mixed them together and had the most electric looking purple! Once it set on my hair (I left it in for 2 […]

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